Single: Riot

The SINGLE ”Riot “ from Kaovanny Tres EP is a thought provoking fusion of Hip Hop, Latin, Jazz with Afrobeat influences that is sure to get you thinking. Kaovanny is keeping her music relevant to our time and encourages her listeners to keep their head up. Song produced by International Show.

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Tres ep


Emerging vocal powerhouse, Kaovanny, effortlessly communicates beauty, power, strength and independence in every performance. She has become known for her concerts where which she checks her inhibitions to create sultry and captivating experiences. In 2016, South America embraced her when she hit the ground running during a six city 10-day tour of Colombia ending with Medellin's Flower Festival, the nation's largest music festival. Kaovanny returned to her hometown, Boston, MA where she was featured at the Beantown Jazz Festival, where many legends have graced the stage before her. In 2017 Kaovanny embarked on her second international tour in Brazil, South America where she performed in Ipatinga Live Jazz Festival. Kaovanny serves notice that her music is not only an expression of artistic vision but her purpose.

Her newly released EP - "Tres" is a sneak peak of Kaovanny's range as an artist. Her bi-cultural influences are as loud and clear as her messages are. This latin/jazz, Hip Hop Fusion is Kaovanny's first shared body of work with her audience. Project produced by International Show.

TRES will be live on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Google Play on Saturday, May 19, 2018.


Don't you

The SINGLE "Don't You" (No Te Atrevas), is an upbeat, bilingual fusion with Afrobeat influences that are sure to get you moving. It is a seemingly playful confession of her "daddy issues" that sends warning signals to the person who dares to step into an emotional territory with her - in her classic independent form. This piece was a creative approach to addressing her experiences in a way that allows Kaovanny to dance her way into healing.Now available on most digital platforms!

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With influences such as Sade, Lauryn Hill, Celia Cruz, Bob Marley, Bilal, Outkast, Selena and many more, Kaovanny comes with a package rich in purpose, culture, truth and art. With every intention to use all the sounds in her multi-cultural upbringing, Kaovanny strives to show her layers in hopes to help others understand and heal their own.

Through her enrapturing stage performances and convicting vocal tone, Kaovanny makes herself hard to forget after your first encounter with her art. This Dominican - American woman, born and raised in the small immigrant town of Lawrence, MA, knows no limits to the demographic of people she makes an impact on:
“I grew up with no rules for whom I needed to be. In America, I was too Spanish to fit with the Black kids and too Black to fit with the Spanish kids; In the Dominican Republic I was too American… But whenever I am on stage, I am everyone - whether we use words, sounds, or body language; in music, we all speak the same language. My goal is for the blind to believe my voice and for the deaf to believe my dance.” 

Kaovanny has had the opportunity to step on stages such as the Boston   Fashion Awards, Celebration of the Arts and more recently, Zildjian’s clinic showcase at Berklee College of Music, alongside renowned drummer, Aaron Spears. She also toured parts of the east coast with recording Christian group ‘e2vG’ who later released their debut live album “No More Me” on iTunes. Kaovanny closed the ‘Live Week’ for the number one college radio station in America, WERS’ - with an in-studio performance and interview, which was aired, live. Throughout her different performance experiences, Kaovanny has had the privilege to hit the stage with some distinguished bands such as Elevation Theory and Nurdy Tunes.




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